The creation of the Udeler and Bleeke lakes (Gelderland- The Netherlands)

In my adventurous wanderings on the wild wide web I – once again- stumbled on a nearly forgotten saga. Ths following sage from the Netherlands deals with Thor, and is clearly related to the saga of Ragnarok.
The sage was recorde in 1934 in old Dutch. I tried to translate without loosing the original style of the story. I hope this doesn’t render the text to difficult to read and understand.

Picture: the present day environnement where the events raccounted in the sage took place


It happened in the time the Giants stormed the heavens, that there lived in the Uunnilo a great snake. The rough giants, vassals of the mighty lord of the Winter Giants, had begun the battle against the Gods Summer.
With the sand on the Wolfskamer they created the Woldbergen. But Thunar the great Thunder God kept them in check. Yet the autumn mists of the forest blew as gray vanes announcing the approaching winter army and great cloud wolves struggled with the Sun God.
But whenever the Thunderer ferociously growled into his red beard, the Giants halted there advance, at least for a while. The herons and swallows became terrified and frightened by the beginning fiery battle, and quicly fled southward. The winter Giants amassed in the forest, and called there, the help of the large monstous worm. With her breath she caused the leaves of the trees to fade and wither, and herever she crawled rosen poisonous fungi.

In that forest of infernally red and poisonous yellow colors the giants made their covenant with the snake.
The next morning the snake wriggled himself onto the highest oak, upwards into the sky. Spitting her poison into the heavens, and the Giants threw masses of hail into the skies.
From all sides now pulled Thunar his great clouds together to block their access. He came thundering from afar through the fields of endless clouds riding fiercley in his chariot pulled by two black hegoats. As a red flag his beard flapped in the wind, and the goats with their hooves struck sparks from its pavement.
The whole sky was on fire, and as mighty hammer blows thundered, the earth shook. Then the snake lifted its mighty head with gaping jaws up through the clouds and blew her stinking breath in the blue heavens. The heavens suddenly turned black.
Then Thunar raised the never missing thunder hammer and struck target on the snake’s head with such force that the giant monster crashed and sank down. The hammer itselve penetrated seven miles deep into the trembling earth. Cracking the mighty worldoak tumbled into the depths. As scorching flame fire rose from the depts dispatching a scorching poison. Those dirty brown clouds engulfed the golden head of the Thunder God. He reeled in his chariot, and tumbled backwards. With a terrible blow he fell from the heavens to the earth, close to the spot where he had crushed the serpent. It was as if the universe itself was torn asunder. His empty driverless cart thundered on across the cload road finally collapsing int the Donderberg (Thunder Mountain).
Then the earth sank into the sea. Gigantic waves engulfed the fields crowning their tops in white foam.
Then the clouds broke at the horizon and the sea god blew his horn. Sailing in a big black ship over the wide waters he took the dead Thunar with him. As he left floated in, the iceberg fleet of white, streared from the nord by the mighty winter giants, causing the ship of the Gods to flee.

Many were the dark years that followed under the new winter giant supremacy. And yet in the end the earth again became dry.
The only remnant left behind were two small lakes. Both so deep as the world itselve, and one was called the Uttiloch, the other the Gods Lake or White Lake. The place were the goats had crashed with the chariot was called Dieren (litt. Animals).
When men settled the area anew they worshipped here. And when Thunars hammer, by his own might had risen again from the depths, they founded ther a sacred place of sacrifice.
The forest grew back up to the shores of the two lakes and it grew so fast that soon the Uttiloch, where the monster was buried, would soon be overgrow. One day, suddenly an infernal flame shot forward from the pond and all the devils of hell flew out into the heavens setting fire to the forest, burning the peat. Within the chaos and the smoldering smoke the spirit of the giant snake rose anew fleeing the place of its death. Thus the proud forest was destroyed and a baren plain remained aroung the the two lakes. Afterward, when the ancient gods were no longer worshipped people believed that in the Bleeke lake a golden calf had been sunk. Yet this was merely a way to hide the trought about the pagan god that sank into it.

source: Henk Vreekamp, Veluwsche sagen, 1934

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